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Thursday, July 11

  1. page Assorted Resources for NC edited Some of these materials can be found elsewhere on this wiki, some not; rather than try to attach t…
    Some of these materials can be found elsewhere on this wiki, some not; rather than try to attach them all to an email or point you to various places I decided just to add a wiki page and upload them here so they'd be accessible in one place...

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    Faculty Inquiry NetworkNetwork that could
    FacultyFaculty Inquiry Cross-College
    [links under college names below are to sub-pages for college-specific material related to their faculty inquiry work--updates, documents, etc.]
    First Name
    Last name
    {BTC Nursing Pathway Project FIG Guidelines.docx} {FIG Group Log template.docx} {FIG Action Plan.docx}
    {FIG Log #1.docx}
    web site: addition to
    * I think the best and most directly relevant material I've run across on this topic comes out of the Carnegie-funded Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in Community Colleges (SPECC) project; see their Faculty Inquiry Toolkit for lots of good and practical resources for this work on your own campus.
    2008 summer Institute: Teacher Collaborations Around Mathematics(andInstitute (and any of
    * Here's a set of questions from a book describing ways to effectively provide professional development for math and science teachers, adapted and modified to fit the two-year college precollege math context:
    {Loucks_Horsley PD Questions.docx}
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Monday, March 25

  1. page home edited ... Click on the Calendar image at the right {calendar.jpg} to view the meetings, events and site…
    Click on the Calendar image at the right {calendar.jpg} to view the meetings, events and site visits planned for this year's RPM Team Activities.
    If your team is sponsoring an event or representing the RPM Project at an event, we invite you to advise us so that we can publish it on this calendar. Please use the Calendar & Event Submission Form to send your request.
    RPMRPM Project Web
    {RPM Core Work.pdf}
    Logic Model and Theory of Change {facebooklogo2.jpg}
    Math Project


    project builds
    technical colleges.


    will develop
    the coalition.

    pre-college math
    a system.

    Ø Design

    and implement
    year three.
    Ø Develop

    a math
    grant ends.
    Ø Refine

    and extend
    students and teachers WashingtonteachersWashington Math Assessment

    Long-term Outcomes
    1. Preparation—students

    at the
    in mathematics].
    2. Performance—the

    percentage of
    will improve.
    3. Persistence—the

    number of
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Friday, January 4

  1. page Resources Page edited ... 1870 This book is about math tutoring. It is designed to help math tutors and tutees get bett…
    This book is about math tutoring. It is designed to help math tutors and tutees get better at their respective and mutual tasks. The intended audiences for this book include volunteer and paid tutors, preservice and inservice teachers, parents and other child caregivers, students who help other students (peer tutors), and developers of tutorial software and other materials.
    going to
    Here is another recent book by Moursund and Albrecht. (It is not free, but it is inexpensive.) Both Moursund & Albrecht books focus on helping students gain in math maturity.
    details see
    Here's a relatively new presentation from Uri Treisman about student completion issues in community colleges and in precollege math in particular--lotsof new and specific material here that I think is very directly relevant to the work we're doing (and a couple of nice references to Washington state, too!)--it's long but well worth it! Uri's talk starts about 15 minutes in; he reminisces and sets a context for 15 minutes or so and then gets to the heart of the talk about 30 minutes in...
    Carnegie eLibrary We've mentioned this resource before but I was there today again and reminded of how many excellent resources and readings directly relevant to our project are available for download from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching website. A number of these could be used in whole or part for faculty discussions as part of your project...FYI, the Amy Gerstein article on community college faculty and developmental education talks specifically (p. 24-26) about the significant role inquiry groups can play in breaking down the extreme isolation many faculty experience in their professional lives.
    In addition to the TMP Resources visit the new RPM Website Resource Center.
    Suggested readings from the RPM Spring 2010 Workshop
    Valuable resources and suggested reading for various RPM workshops and retreats include the RPM Winter 2010 Retreat for the following presentations;
    Rose Acera'sAsera's "Building the
    Michael Burke's "An Application Driven Math Curriculum"
    Jon Hasenbank's “A Framework For Procedural Understanding: Theory Into Practice”
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Thursday, December 13

  1. page Clark College edited ... {Directions for Classroom Visit.docx} {Classroom Visit Protocol.docx} Reflection Fridays: …
    {Directions for Classroom Visit.docx} {Classroom Visit Protocol.docx}
    Reflection Fridays: Several presentations were made on Fridays to faculty. Most topics were aimed at getting teachers to discuss ways to engage students in learning or reducing anxiety about math. These sessions allowed many instructors to attend who were not able to join a FIG. In addition to getting teachers to talk about student success it allowed more teachers brecome aware of the work being done on the project.
    {Reflection Friday Handout Feb 10.docx}
    Professional Development Workshops: A series of two professional development workshops, conducted by Ruth Parker, were held at Clark College during the spring of 2012. This was attended by about 30 instructors. The topics were related to proportional reasoning and attendees participated in learning activities that illustrated the importance of letting students discover ways to understand the principles that are foundational to proportional reasoning.
    Initiatives and products supporting changes in teaching and course structure.
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  2. page Clark College edited ... Professor, Math/STEM ... Clark Team as of in Spring 2009 2010 C…
    Professor, Math/STEM
    Clark Team as ofin Spring 20092010
    Cynthia Foreman
    Assoc Dir E-Learning
    A Summary of Changes due to the RPM Work
    When the RPM project began,Characteristics of the pre-college math curriculum hadcurriculum, management & instruction at the beginning of the following traits:project.
    a) The pre-college math curriculum was separated into three different units.
    b) Each unit had their own leadership, instructors and culture.
    h) Most adjunct faculty did not collaborate with colleagues and were reluctant to try new ideas.
    i) There was no common initiative or language in the teaching community to address change.
    Since the start of the project, significantSignificant changes have occurred at Clark College.over the life of the project.
    a) Teachers collaborate and feel comfortable discussing change in their practice
    b) There is a greater willingness for teachers (adjunct and full-time) to try new ideas.
    Project Time-Line
    {RPM Project Activty Time-Line .docx}
    Read onContinue for more
    1) Through-Line Concepts: broad concepts that persist in the pre-college math curriculum.
    a) Proportional reasoning
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  3. page Clark College edited {NextStep-Stacked-2c.jpg} Attention Viewers: The Clark College page The following is in an…

    Attention Viewers: The Clark College pageThe following is inan attempt to tell the processstory of being updated overour work with the next two weeks. During this time, there will be many items thatRe-thinking Pre-College Math project from Spring 2010 through December 2012. Questions or comments are a workencouraged and can be addressed to Bill Monroe in progress. the Math Division at Clark College (contact information listed below).
    The Clark College RPM wiki site is located at:
    The Clark College Math Department website is located at: Clark College Math Department Webpage
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  4. page Clark College edited ... 6. Appropriate assessments must be done to collect the data necessary to document student prog…
    6. Appropriate assessments must be done to collect the data necessary to document student progress and success at specified points in the program. Formative assessments will be used on a routine basis. These will need to be identified and created.
    Summer Retreat 2010 Year One Action Plans
    {Classroom Assessment Techniques}
    {Clark Classroom Exchanges.doc}
    {Clark Curricular and Pegagogical Strategies.doc}
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