North Seattle Community College will increase student achievement in college level math courses by improving student success in and progress through their pre-college math sequence with the following strategies:

  1. the design and pilot of a year-long cohort model precollege math sequence, entitled ALIGN* for Success, incorporating attributes/study skills focus and culminating in an intermediate algebra course linked to an environment science course. [*ALIGN - Algebra Learning Inquiry Group at North] COHORT PAGE
  2. the reformation of the NSCC precollege math program to focus on the delivery of a contextually-based curriculum. To accomplish this we will develop a learning resource bank of contextually-based interdisciplinary learning activities. RESOURCE BANK PAGE
  3. Incorporation of common core assessments and more formative assessments across precollege math classes. ASSESSMENT PAGE

Faculty Assigned to RPM Projects:

NSCC RPM Website

Denise Brannan
Math Full time Faculty
Deanna Li
Math Full time Faculty
Michael Gaul
Math Full time Faculty
Edgar Jasso
Math Full time Faculty
Ralph Jenne
Math Full time Faculty
Pam Lippert
Math Full time Faculty
Harry Watts
Math Full time Faculty
Ben Aschenbrenner
Math Adjunct
Jennifer DeSoto
Math Adjunct
Eileen Murphy
Math Adjunct
Barbara Goldner
FT Math/Computer Science
Betsy Campbell
FT IT/Math
Peter Lortz
Dean Math, Science & SS
Gary Gorland
Director, Inst. Initiatives

Spring 2010 Retreat - Cedarbrook

Summer 2010 Institute - Sleeping Lady