The note below is fom David Lippman, Pierce College, on behalf of the math faculty working on the Open Course Library project; as you can see 2 of those courses (work being done by Tyler Wallace from Big Bend) are precollege math courses, but I thought you all might appreciate seeing the rest of the information in case you hadn't already...

Hi Math folks,

We are working on the Washington Open Course Library project, developing open and free course materials for Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Statistics, Precalculus, Trig, and Calculus 1-3. We won’t be completely done with our projects until the end of Spring quarter, but we know that textbook selection committees are forming, so we wanted to give you a sneak peek at our products so that committees can consider these products as an option. These products are both a cost-saving option, as well as an option that gives faculty and departments more flexibility to modify the course materials to match their course outcomes.

Common features of these courses are:
· A free online textbook that can be printed for under $30
· Sample syllabi with outcomes
· Homework (paper and/or online)
· Sample assessments (quizzes, tests, etc.)

For Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, Tyler Wallace from Big Bend has developed a free and open textbook (preview at which is available free online, or as a bound B&W paperback for $23. Being an open book, you are free to modify it to your liking. In addition to the book, Tyler will be producing a student solutions manual, YouTube videos to accompany each section, and sample assessments. He is also looking at building online homework using For access to the full course shell, contact Tyler.

For Precalculus and Trig, David Lippman and Melonie Rasmussen from Pierce College have developed a free and open textbook (preview at which is available free online, or as a bound B&W paperback for $12 (probably $20 after book exercise sets are added). Being an open book, you are free to modify it to your liking. In addition to the book, they are developing online homework using, classroom activities, and sample assessments. They are working on linking existing videos in with the online homework, and building paper problem sets. To preview the full course shell, log in to with username: OCL, password: OCL.

For Calculus I, II and III, Dale Hoffman from Bellevue College has developed a free and open textbook. The Calculus I textbook has been class tested and is available free online ( along with examples of worksheets, sample assessments, and a link to WAMAP practice problem sessions. Calculus II is currently being class tested, and Calculus III is scheduled for spring quarter. He expects to have the three courses ready by the end of the summer. The section by section files will also be available of Word files (contact him) that you can modify and use.

For Statistics, Federico Marchetti from Shoreline Community College has developed a fully online course using online course materials. It relies on open source spreadsheet software for the computational part. In its final form it will be available as a CD, and, depending on the total cost, possibly also in traditional printed form. It is available, "live" (with updates as they happen) at

Again, these projects are still being finalized, but we wanted to make sure to let you know about them early enough so you can consider them as part of your curriculum selection process. Since we are still finalizing these projects, please let us know if there are any missing topics or materials that would exclude our projects from consideration for adoption.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Lippman, Pierce College Ft Steilacoom,
Melonie Rasmussen, Pierce College Ft Steilacoom,
Tyler Wallace, Big Bend Community College,
Dale Hoffman, Bellevue College,
Federico Marchetti, Shoreline Community College,