Highline Community College redesigned its precollege curriculum during 2007-2009 to accomplish three things:
(1) reduce the number of pre-college courses needed by most students from three courses to two courses
(2) ensure the mathematical content is truly relevant to student's career, academic and life goals
(3) actively help students develop college-readiness skills, including successful learning habits and attitudes.

We piloted the redesigned curriculum in spring and summer of 2010. The grant will fund a lead-instructor model of instruction and faculty inquiry groups to institutionalize data-driven, evidence-based decision making about teaching practices that lead to high student achievement.

[Updated 4/6/2011] Quick summary of the course sequence, including flowchart of sequence, content, and learning outcomes:

Instructors who are teaching one of the courses in our sequence receive an "instructor guide." Copies are provided below.
For Math 81 and 91 (Introduction to Algebra and Essentials of Intermediate Algebra):

For Math 98 (Intermediate Algebra for Calculus):

Older materials:
The following documents provide additional insight into our development process for the Math 81 and 91 courses, including the guiding philosophy and questions we considered. The document also includes information about our arithmetic course (Math 71) for completeness, though most students only take Math 81 and 91.

Key Personnel

Jeff Wagnitz
VP Academic Affairs
Helen Burn
Department of Mathematics
Diana Lee
Department of Mathematics
Erik Scott
Department of Mathematics
Aaron Warnock
Department of Mathematics

Faculty Assigned to Cross-Cutting Project Work

Overall Project - Helen Burn
Data Analysis Regarding Student Progress and Achievement- Helen Burn
Faculty Inquiry Efforts- Erik Scott
Classroom/Formative Assessment - Razmehr Fardad
Classroom Exchange and Observations - Diana Lee

Spring Retreat 2010 Vision Exercise

Summer Retreat 2010 Year One Action Plans

HCC_Making Teaching Visible.doc
HCC_Structuring Faculty Inquiry.doc
HCC_Pedagogic Strategies.doc

Useful Resources

**Video Tutorial for Teaching Student Attributes in Developmental Math--45 minutes**
Growth Mindset Video (Carol Dweck--4 minutes)
Useful Sources for Findings Data
MyMathLab FAQ