Everett Community College will tackle comprehensive reform in the pre-college math program through faculty taskforces charged with implementing targeted curricular and instructional approaches to pre-college math.

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Our RPM Work

ACE Taskforce: Algebra Curriculum EfficiencyChair: Heidi Weiss-Green,hweiss@everettcc.edu
Math 91 & 92 have been developed and are currently offered at EvCC. These courses offer students an alternative to the three course elementary/intermediate algebra sequence at EvCC.

Alternative Intermediate Algebra and Non-STEM Pathway (Alternative Taskforce)Alternative Taskforce Chair: Christopher Quarles, cquarles@everettcc.edu

The ALT Taskforce has developed Math 98: Intermediate Algebra in Context and is offering the course for the first time during spring quarter 2011. The course development was done by Tophe Anderson, Andrea Cahan, Mike Nevins, and Chris Quarles through a form of faculty inquiry.
The course focuses on a number of themes:
  • Doing math in real contexts: Helped incredibly by the book we're using - Intermediate Algebra by Clark/Anfinson.
  • The inclusion of problem-based learning: For us this manifests as a series of projects which ask the students to help phrase the question
  • Practical decision-making (in addition to problem solving): Not just "What is the numerical answer to this question?", but also "Given the data, we have, how do we analyze it and decided what to do?" The latter question doesn't always have a 'right' answer.
Here is a sample syllabus.
We also have a wiki, with sample lesson plans as well as some data sets.

Modular, Online, and E-Learning Resources (MOLE Taskforce)MOLE Taskforce Chair: Michael Nevins,mnveins@everettcc.edu The MOLE Taskforce will come together again during spring 2011 to continue the development of a modular option for developmental mathematics students at EvCC.

Professional Development for Faculty (PDF Taskforce)PDF Taskforce Chair: Tophe Anderson,cranderson@everettcc.edu

High School Communication and Placement Issues (High School Taskforce)High School Taskforce Chair: Peg Balachowski, mbalachowski@everettcc.edu
As of Winter 2011, the High School Taskforce has been facilitating the SnoMath and 5-Star consortium conversations (regarding placement and testing of high school students) and they organized and implemented the "Multiply Your Options" High School Conference at EvCC (coming again soon Summer 2011). Please contact Andrea Cahan @ acahan@everettcc.edu if you have any questions regarding this conference.

Data Collected by EvCC's Team

*Pass Rates for Developmental Courses Fall 2009 vs Fall 2010

(Anyone recognize these numbers from the Retreat?)

*The Reasons Students Leave EvCC (a survey collected by the college)

Core Project Team Members


Peg Balachowski

FT Faculty Mathematics


Darryl Dieter

Institutional Research


Al Friedman

Dean, Math & Science


Rachel Kingsley

FT Faculty Mathematics


Michael Nevins

FT Faculty Mathematics


Tophe Anderson

FT Faculty Mathematics


Kevin Bolan

FT Faculty Mathematics


Andrea Cahan

Assoc Faculty Mathematics


Christopher Quarles

FT Faculty Mathematics


Heidi Weiss-Green

FT Faculty Mathematics


Year 1 Action Plan

Classroom Assessment Techniques

  • CATs currently used by EvCC math faculty

    • Muddiest Point
    • Minute Paper

Classroom Exchanges

  • Classroom Exchanges: A Teaching and Learning Lab at EvCC

    • Co-chaired by Tophe Anderson and Rachel Kingsley
    • Meets Thursdays @ 2:30p every other week
    • This lab facilitates and supports faculty exchanges across campus
  • Using Video to Observe Student Thought

    • A method developed by Tom Drummond to capture student thought in the classroom
    • An example of this method performed in a Elementary Algebra classroom:

Faculty Inquiry Groups

Additional Resources

Workshop Wednesdays

A student attributes curriculum designed by Peg Balachowski and Michael Nevins at EvCC. Use and modify as you please...

the Math Experience

In development, a clearinghouse for online student resources. This site is being developed as a resource to students in any developmental mathematics course. Instructor created videos and useful websites make up most of this content. Click the image to the right to access the wikisite.

If you are interested in being a part of this site's development or have constructive ideas about it please contact Michael Nevins mnevins@everettcc.edu

Spring Retreat Materials

A wikipage containing work complete by EvCC during the Spring kickoff event.

EvCC @ AMATYC 2010

Peg Balachowski and Michael Nevins will be attending The 2010 AMATYC Conference in Boston to present their Workshop Wednesdays concept (a student attributes curriculum). Recent data collection from our IR has shown that classes with the Workshop Wednesday curriculum have enjoyed better passing and retention rates than those without Workshop Wednesday Labs.

Click on title above to access our EvCC @ AMATYC resource page.

AMATYC Developmental Mathematics Position Paper

The developmental mathematics committee of AMATYC is writing a position paper on the role of Intermediate Algebra. If you would like to participate in this discussion or just see what is going on, click the title above.

Defining Critical Thinking for Mathematics

Flash Cards Online!

Intermediate Algebra Discussion WAMATYC

Works in Progress