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At the regular math department meetings fall quarter (2010) we plan to spend some of the time discussing teaching and learning. Fall some faculty will use CATs, collect the information; winter all faculty will try CATs.

Our fall quarter has begun with multiple discussions about CATs. At our second department meeting we set aside 15 minutes for a discussion of classroom assessment using videos of students. It generated a lot of interest, and faculty members who have a more traditional method of assessing student learning were interested in how "results" were measured, how much time it took, and offered suggestions for how this could have been improved. It was one of the most lively discussions about student learning that the department has had in a long time.

CATs w/Cheese and Wine

Our department also hosts colloquia twice a quarter. During the fall quarter, the second colloquium will focus on CATS. This will follow several dept meeting discussions on CATS used in the classrooms of RPM task force chairs. Department members attending the colloquium will receive a copy of the CATS material available on the wiki, and the department will purchase several copies of the Angelo/Cross handbook.

As Evaluation

We will be rolling out a new class in the winter and 2 new classes in the spring. Instructors who teach these classes will be asked (i.e. required) to use at least one of the CATS discussed in the colloquium at least once. A FIG is being established around the new classes, and members of those teams will meet to discuss the results of those CATs.