Useful CAT Table

Classroom Assessment Leads meeting RPM Institute August 2010
CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT LEADS [college names are links to sub-pages for specific updates around classroom assessment work at each college]
No Seattle CC
Ben Aschenbrenner
Everett CC
Peg Balachowski
Spokane Falls CC
Shawna Cosner
Spokane Falls CC
Karen Joy
Clark College
Gail Liberman
Lower Columbia College
Terri Skeie
Highline CC
Razmehr Fardad
Northwest Indian College

Who is using CATs fall quarter? Answers range from the project leadership team, to all full-time faculty regardless of course, to all part-time faculty, to all faculty teaching developmental math courses. The number of times CATs will be used varies as well—from four times to once per quarter.

How are CATs being introduced? Highline, Lower Columbia, and Spokane Falls all have plans to introduce CATs to groups of faculty beyond the project team this fall. How they will be introduced including actual workshop materials, to whom, and to what effect are all important things to share.

Use of departmental meeting time: At least two teams (Everett and Spokane Falls) intend to work with CATs during formal department sessions—Everett during department meetings, and Spokane Falls during a meeting followed by a departmental retreat. Other teams want to know how this works out.

Developing concept tests: Highline (Razmehr) is working on concept tests. Ben (North) would like to see them as they are developed, and the group agreed they would like a special space on the wiki for concept tests.

How to keep count the use of CATs: teams are starting to think about how to keep track of the number of faculty who try CATs as part of this project.

How to track the changes which result from administering CATs: this poses more of a methodological challenge. Peg (Everett) wondered about having people keep journals where they could write quick reflective notes.

COLLEGE UPDATES [for colleges not directly involved in RPM but who attended the Summer Institute and are interested and engaged in closely-related work in precollege math]:
Pierce College – Sharon Camner and Deb Falcioni. They will use CATs in the Early Childhood Education classes with the cohort in Beginning and Intermediate Algebra classes.

Cascadia CC – Rebecca Burke. They plan to use CATs as resources for generating topics for FIGs.