Cascadia Community College is implementing a Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG) Fall 2010. During the retreat in August, a brainstorming session occured. Some of the results of the brainstorming session are listed below:

The team wants the FIG to have a clear focus, but since the FIG has not yet been formed, the team wants to wait to define the focus until all the members of the FIG can provide input. The team came up with the following ideas in no particular order:
  • Practices that promote students success (study skills, attendance policies, homework, homework grading, homework frequency, late work, quizzes, quiz frequency, test grading practices to enhance student learning, grading scheme
  • Group Work (collaborative activities, projects, group portions of assessments, how to form groups)
  • Implementation of the new curriculum, long term how does it impact student success
  • WAMAP (how is it used, forums, assessments)
  • Successful intervention techniques (reflection assignments, The Math and Writing Center, Smarthinking)
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATS, Muddiest Point, Formative Assessments)
  • Classroom Observations/Visits (not evaluative, focus on what is learned by the visitor not on the instructor visited)
  • Project involving trend analysis
  • Learning to read a math textbook, actively helping students with this skill
  • What do you do when you hand back an exam (redo, retake, reflect, etc.)
  • Integrative activities (how do you link between the disciplines)
  • Technology (graphing calculators, Excel, clickers)
  • Data Analysis from Ann Paulson (what questions are generated)
  • Trying something new
  • 2 day/3 day/ 4 day a week scheduling, how does this impact student success?
  • Through lines (clear themes that run throughout the course)
  • Attributes of Successful Students
  • What topics are particularly difficult stumbling blocks for students, how can we work together to help student learning of these topics
  • What resources are most useful to students (videos, PurpleMath, Math and Writing Center, Smarthinking, Office Hours, etc.)