1. Complete these reading assignments prior to the Summer Institute (we'll have a seminar session on these readings Monday afternoon at the Institute!):

Pre-reading for the August institute

  • Read the Introduction to How Students Learn Mathematics in the Classroom. Optional: If possible, organize a discussion for math team members.
  • Read chapter 7, on instruction, from Beyond Crossroads. We will be working with the ideas and examples included in these readings throughout the institute. Both are foundational texts for the work in this project.


The materials referred to above were included in participants Rethinking Precollege Math folder from the May institute. Each campus team in the project was also sent a copy of the two books where these handouts appear: Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers and How Students Learn Mathematics in the Classroom (each book has a video so you can download sections). All of the Beyond Crossroads materials are accessible through the website.

2. Complete Post-Spring RPM Workshop Team Assignment and bring to Summer Institute

Due: Prior to the end of the 2010 spring term

  • Use the “Muddiest Point” assessment (pages 10-11) with your students. Read the handout from the Rethinking Precollege Math May Institute and decide when you will use Muddiest Point with your students (after a mini-lecture, in relation to a homework assignment, etc.) and follow the step-by-step procedure for its use included in this handout.
  • Keep the index cards students wrote and bring these to the August retreat.
  • Optional: Respond to students’ Muddiest Points and be prepared to report on the results! Faculty typically do this at the beginning of the next class. Review the general handout on the use of classroom assessment techniques for pointers on how to respond to students’ (mis)understanding. We will use the results of this work in several sessions at the institute.

Contact Emily Lardner ( 360.867.6637) or Gillies Malnarich with questions (360.867.6609).