Here's a full wiki with lots of good links and resources as well as a specific workshop framework with a series of structured activities around understanding and using wikis...

Custom tutorial for contributing to the RPM Wiki:

A recent blog posting from Brian Lamb (Vancouver, BC) with a helpful review and update on the role and status of wikis in academe:

A description of the critical concept of "wiki gardening":

Wiki Gardening

Video Tips:

  1. Check for proper lighting - avoid back light and fluorescent lighting
  2. Stay close to your subject for best sound recording, run a test if possible
  3. Use a tripod or monopod
  4. Have your subject looking at the camera or to ether side of the camera, as opposed to a profile
  5. Consider what is behind your subject, or your backdrop
  6. Run a practice video if possible
  7. Try to record "soundbites" or have the subject pause to allow for clean editing if needed

Video Sample:

Tom Vander Ark: New Schools, New Tools, New Funding from CarnegieViews on Vimeo.